I'm lead engineer at PredictionHealth ↗, where we are using AI to improve medical care.

Before that, I worked at CarTrawler and UBiqube, did freelance projects, and founded a startup called Concert Window.

I love open source and enjoy working on side projects when time permits.

I often use React, Svelte, Node, TypeScript, Go, Python, REST, GraphQL, CSS, Tailwind, Figma, Jest, React Testing Library, Playwright, Postgres, MySQL, all manner of AWS and GCP services, Cloudflare, Vercel, Docker, Kubernetes, and CI/CD.

Have a question or idea? Please feel free to get in touch.

Recent Projects:

  • PredictionHealth ↗ (Lead Engineer)
    Over the past few years, I've rearchitected legacy React, Go, and Python apps, built a REST API with role-based access control, added event tracking, introduced TypeScript, set up scalable dev processes with automated CI/CD, mentored engineers, and worked on new product development, among many other things. Some tools I've used are React, NextJS, TypeScript, Playwright, Go, Python, gRPC, Docker, AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, Vercel, and GitHub Actions.
  • Trad Archive ↗ (Creator, Principal Engineer)
    This is a really fun open source project I've been building in partnership with the Irish Traditional Music Archive in Dublin. The goal is to make their collections accessible to the public and use crowdsourcing to tag previously unheard recordings. Technologies used include NextJS, Tailwind, GraphQL, Apollo Client + Server, Serverless Framework, TypeORM, MySQL, PlanetScale, Vercel, and AWS.