Sometimes I try out new tech or build fun ideas. All of these are open source.

  • James Gurney Knowledge Base ↗

    My dad is an artist who has written thousands of blog posts, made hundreds of YouTube videos, and written two instructional books. With the announcement of ChatGPT Plugins and the open sourcing of ChatGPT Retrieval Plugin, I realized I could create a knowledgebase with access to all of my dad's written materials, accessible via a chat interface. I forked the ChatGPT Retrieval Plugin and customized the Python server with some data scraping scripts – with GPT-4's help, of course. Then I built a chat UI with NextJS, taking the opportunity to play around with React Server Components. In the future we might turn this into a ChatGPT plugin since the backend server can be used for that too.

  • Craic AI ↗

    I thought it might be cool to use the ChatGPT API to help plan group events. The idea is that you could input an event name and rough date range, enter your invitees, and then they'd be automatically emailed about availability. Then the app would feed the responses into ChatGPT and have it pick a date that works for everyone. Not sure if I'll finish this one but the tech was fun: Remix, Cloudflare Pages, D1, ChatGPT API, and some prompt engineering.

  • AI-rish Tunes ↗

    Each day, I pick a random Irish tune and ask an AI to generate an image for it. Made with Cloudflare Workers and using D1, their new distributed SQLite product, and R2, their global object storage. All running on the edge.

  • Album Cover Generator ↗

    This app helps you get ideas for your next album cover. It uses AI to generate images from text via the DALL-E API. The API would be too expensive at scale so I've got it behind a username and password - "larry" and "murphy".

  • Guestbook ↗

    Trying out Cloudflare Workers KV, a globally distributed key-value store. This site already runs on the edge via Cloudflare Workers, so I wanted to experiment with putting data on the edge as well. It's super fast.

  • Have a Pint with Pintman ↗

    AI has been getting really good lately. This is a GPT-3 powered chatbot which uses the OpenAI API. If you're not familiar with Pintman, check out the original video after the jump.

  • Make Your Own Chatbot ↗

    It was so much fun building the Pintman chatbot that I decided to open-source a template so you can make your own.

  • Talk to Garth ↗

    My first attempt at a chatbot. Logo generated by Stable Diffusion - the prompt was something like "A cowboy in the style of Disney".